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Whether your goals are weight loss, strength training, or posture correction, we have you covered! Here are a few reviews from our happy clients.





I've been working out with Marcos since May 2015 and this guy is one seriously amazing trainer.

He's responsive over email and text, he's really good at thinking on his feet, and most of all, he really knows his stuff.

For example, when we first started, the only space I had available was a 8ft x 8ft storage room. It's already hard enough to work out in such a confined space, but I made things even harder by starting out in a totally unfit condition. Marcos' experience made him able to tailor the workout routines for my fitness level, and his quick thinking allowed us to still be able to work out effectively in such a small space.

I've also really benefited from Marcos' wealth of knowledge as well. Our sessions first started as "give a man a fish, feed him for a day" where I just blindly try my best to actually "do" the workouts. Now our sessions have evolved into "teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime" where I still do the exercises, but Marcos is also teaching me stuff like which muscle groups it's working, why those muscles are important, proper posture and form, proper stretches, nutrition, simple exercises to do at my desk or during my commute, etc.

As long as you do what Marcos tells you to do (i.e. "homework") and work out consistently with him, I'm confident anyone can see results really quickly.

For me, after my 6th session, I went from barely even able to plank at all to planking for over a minute. Over this past year: my posture has improved significantly, my core is stronger, I have better looking legs and thighs (I actually feel confident enough to wear shorts!), I've become stronger, I feel more energetic ... the list goes on

Robert C. on July 30, 2016


My husband and I have been working out with Marcos for the past two months are absolutely loving it. The workouts are getting progressively more advanced and we feel stronger every day. Marcos is great with accommodating injuries, space restrictions (we work out in our backyard while our 1yr old baby sleeps), and goals. We love it and look forward to continuing our work!

Amanda M. on August 3, 2016


I hired Marcos Hurtado for strength training. He is just great. Comes to my home; punctual; always checking in and works with me at exactly the level I had hoped for. I have 3 sessions of experience with him. I'm recommending him to my neighbors.

Michael R. on August 21, 2016