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How To Become More Present During Your Workouts

So you are working out at the gym or at your home and you are constantly becoming distracted by people walking around, remembering what happened during your day, or thinking about what you are doing after your workout. These distractions happen to all of us and may hinder us from enjoying our experience during our workout. The following are reasons why considering to become more present in your workouts can possibly help you out in the short and long term: (from my own personal experience)

·        You feel your body moving more effectively and also become aware of any weak points you may have.

o   Especially with compound movements (squats, push ups, etc.) We can easily get lost with the ideal of completing the workout without considering any aches or pains. Being more present and aware can help us spot these weak points and make adjustments or even stop if necessary.

·        Feeling if you are moving to quickly and need to slow down your tempo to increase time under tension.

o   Do you ever feel that you are moving too quickly and the movements feel too easy? Maybe slowing the movement down and actually feel your muscles doing the work in a slow, controlled manner may help out.

·        You have a better idea with how long your rest periods need to be in between sets.

o   Having a timer can be great or listening to your body to see if you are rested enough or if you are over-resting can help dui=ring your workouts.

·        Knowing if what you are doing is actually enjoyable for you and you aren’t just ‘going with the flow’. (minimizing or even preventing boredom)

o   No one likes a boring workout. Maybe you are in the habit of doing the same exercises over and over which aren’t proving results. In some cases people don’t know other exercises or feel uncomfortable doing new exercises on their own. Having a trainer can help you create exciting, safe, and new workouts.

o   Bonus tip: Creating your own or having a trainer create a workout plan with the exact exercises need with reps, sets, rest periods, and tempo can help you become more present and immersed in your workout since you don’t have to think about what to do next and you can focus on the current rep you are performing.

 Share this with a friend that can use these tips and feel free to ask me any questions, provide feedback, or give suggestions on future topics. Thank you for your time and see you next week!


Marcos Hurtado CPT, CES

Owner of On The Go Fitness