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Is Getting Ready For a Summer Body Every Year a Good Idea?

It’s late March again and you want to get ready for your beach body since it’s becoming warm again. Your eating habits dragged on a bit passed the New Year and those resolutions slipped away the second you woke up feeling sore from, your first workout in months. Why does this keep happening? Why are you constantly going in a cycle? Why aren’t these fad diets and trendy workout plans delivering as promised? One or all of these questions have come to mind for us and yet, we feel that we are in a never ending loop of rushing to get in shape to go enjoy the warm weather and the beaches to the fullest extent, yet we forget the main reason why our goals seem so far from our reach….. healthy fitness and nutritional habits are a year-round habit.   

The following points are commonly seen with the trendy summer body routine:

·       You may unintentially be stuck in a cycle of fluctuating weight on a drastic level. As in 20-25 lbs heavier in the winter than in the summer, which can lead to health issues.

·       You may not feel or be healthy year round

·       It can become expensive to constantly spend money on supplements and workout programs every year.

·       Lowered self-esteem from constantly expecting from reaching a certain weight

·       Trendy diets and workout plans are usually ineffective

·       Deprivation from certain foods may lead to binge eating in the long run

Instead of constantly being in a seasonal cycle, why not become active and healthy year round? You will feel great, be ready for your vacation or the beach every month of the year,  and you will feel healthier!

Here at On The Go Fitness, we place a HUGE emphasis in creating simple and effective steps to move, look, and feel better year round by guiding you towards building habits for yourself. We hold you accountable until you are ready to venture on your own and also provide online resources to help you improve on your habits or help you get back on track if you happen to slip up a bit. Check out our website at onthego.fitness for more info. I hope this information helped and provide you a different perspective from what is commonly practiced.

Share this with a friend that can use these tips and feel free to ask me any questions, provide feedback, or give suggestions on future topics. Thank you for your time and see you next week!


Marcos Hurtado CPT, CES

Owner of On The Go Fitness