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Is your desk job ruining your body? Part 3 Foam Rolling Techniques

Hey everyone, today, I’m sharing Part 3 of series of blog posts on how desk jobs may be damaging your body. I’m going to show you 5 foam rolling exercises that help relax overworked muscles.

1.     Upper Trapezius (upper back, lower neck)


a.     Using a small lacrosse, tennis, or golf ball on the tender muscle area in between your neck and upper back against the wall or on the ground. Roll until you find the spot and vary from holding from several seconds, rocking side to side, and moving in circles. Use until tenderness decreases and feel relief.

2.     Pectorals (Chest muscle)

a.     Also with a small ball, find the tender area. Same technique as above

3.   Hip Flexors

a.     Use a small ball or foam roller for this one. Laying down sideways on the ground on top of the roller, go from your jean pocket region to the upper front part of your leg. Same as above. 

4.     Calves

a.     Use the ball or foam roller. Sitting on the ground with your legs extended, find the tender spot and make circles and move side to side while rolling.

5.     Thoracic Extension

a.     Use the foam roller for this one. Lay on the roller on your back on the ground on your ribcage are. Look slightly up and brace your core. Tilt your upper body downwards and then raise it up to neutral position. Be careful not to have your neck move by itself. Repeat for 10 reps with a controlled tempo.

I hope these exercises were helpful and keep an eye for next week’s blog post in which I share stretches to help lengthen tight muscles and reduce discomfort.

Marcos Hurtado CPT, CES

Owner of On The Go Fitness