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Is your desk job ruining your body? Part 2: Job Friendly Exercises

Hey everyone, today, I’m sharing Part 2 of series of blog posts on how desk jobs may be damaging your body. I’m going to show you 5 exercises that you can do while at you job to help with muscle weakness and tightness that may be damaging your body.

1.     Wrist Circles:

a.     This exercise can be done anywhere. While at your desk, waiting for public transit, or even while walking. Just interlock your hands together and make circles clockwise and counter clockwise with your wrists. Do about 12-20 circles for each side twice.

2.     Wrist Extension Stretch:

a.     Are you close to a wall, yes, perfect! Stand sideways by a wall and raise your arm laterally without shrugging. With your palm facing the wall and your fingers pointing down, place you hand against the wall and hold for 45 sec to 1 min for each hand.

3.     Ankle Circles:

a.     Like the wrist circles, these can also be done anywhere. Stand by and object where you can stay stable, like a wall or a post, and raise one foot at a time. Make circles going clockwise and counter clockwise with your ankle. Do about 12-20 circles for each side twice.

4.     High Knees:

a.     IF your job allows this (which it should, I don’t see why not) Find a hall where you can take 20 steps and just walk while raising your knees high. Take 10 steps on each leg, 20 steps total and then return to the starting point while doing 20 more high steps.

5.     Butt Kicks:

a.     This one is the opposite movement from high knees. Just stay in the same spot form where you did the high knees and ‘kick yourself’ while walking forward (back of your foot to the back of your leg, see pictures) Also, 20 steps twice.

I hope these exercises were helpful and keep an eye for next week’s blog post in which I share foam rolling techniques to help loosen up those overworked muscle and reduce discomfort.

Much gains and prosperity

Marcos Hurtado CPT, CES

Owner of On The Go Fitness