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Is your desk job ruining your body?

Hey everyone, today, I’m starting a 5-part series of blog posts on how desk jobs may be damaging your body from the following reasons:

·       Excessive sitting/standing: Most people with desk jobs sit or stand for long periods of time which lead to certain muscles to become overworked and tight, while the opposing muscles become lengthened and weakened. A few common examples are:

o   A forward neck and head

o   Shoulders rounding forward

o   Thoracic spine rounding

o   Tight Hip Flexors

o   Tight Calves


·       Repetitive motions: While working a desk job, the usual requirement is to type and looking at a screen for several hours throughout the day, which leads to pattern overload. (basically repeating the same motion constantly) Which may lead to:

o   Wrist tightness/numbness

o   Shoulder discomfort

o   Headaches


·       Lack of movement in the body: Staying in a stationary position is exhausting since certain muscles become overworked which cause fatigue in the body even though it may seem that you are not moving as much as you feel you should. You are also weakening the muscles that are not moving as much.


Keep an eye for next week’s blog post in which I share foam rolling techniques to help loosen up those overworked muscle and reduce discomfort.

Much gains and prosperity

Marcos Hurtado CPT, CES

Owner of On The Go Fitness